Types of materials used for Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels are used in a variety of marking applications. Companies use thermal transfer labels because they can be printed on-demand.  Applications for on-demand printed labels include variable data, barcoding and short-runs. As with most labeling projects, what information needs to be on the label, how companies plan to apply the label, and how their product is to be used drives the label material selection.

"Thermal transfer labels are used for permanent solutions such as product identification, asset tags, tickets and certification labels," Brown Packaging explains. "Their durability also makes them appropriate for cold storage and outdoor applications."

When choosing Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels for long term identification on electrical components, industrial equipment, electronics, electrical devices, and consumer products, there are a variety of materials from which to choose. Two of the most popular materials are polyester and polyimide, due to their durability and resistance to heat and chemicals.

Some labeling applications do not require long-term durability.  Due to its low cost, thermal transfer paper labels are a common choice for many companies. Paper labels are not as long-lasting as other labeling materials, yet an ideal choice for one-time use applications like shipping or packaging. Meanwhile, polypropylene is more tear-resistant than paper, is water resilient, and able to withstand heavier handling.

Of the more durable options, polyester labels are usually chosen for their resistance to high-heat, abrasion and chemicals.   Polyester labels provide some of the advantages of polyimide labels, but at a much lower cost.  Polyimide labels withstand higher temperatures and harsher chemicals than polyester labels and are ideal for the labeling challenges of the electronics manufacturing process. Notably, Polyimide is ideally suited for applications that require exposure to the wave solder or reflow solder processes.

At Stranco, we produce Thermal Transfer Labels with a wide variety of material options. Though we specialize in polyester and polyimide labels, we also offer labels made from paper and polypropylene. Our team will work with your company to match the right material to your labeling application needs and styles, such as gloss, matte, tinted, aggressive adhesive and more. We also always stock dozens of thermal transfer materials to meet a variety of labeling needs.

Our extensive die inventory supports a vast range of label sizes and we offer custom tooling for any unique labeling applications when needed. Contact us today to learn more about ordering blank or pre-printed Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels!

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