Freezer Date Labels

Stranco’s freezer labels are manufactured with cold storage and organization in mind.

Freezer date labels are a great way to keep inventory of food products as well as any laboratory cold storage items. You know that most items still have a shelf life even if stored in a freezer and keeping a chart can be difficult to update. Stranco’s freezer date inventory labels are a inexpensive and time saving product.

Most of our freezer labels already are pre-printed for easy identification from a distance. For those who need a little more information we have inventory labels that are easy to write-on.

Our freezer labels can withstand the most demanding situations:

  • Working temperature down to -65°F
  • Bonding temperature down to 0°F
  • Moisture resistant
  • Temperature Range is -40° to 170°F once label is bonded to product.

In addition to a standard catalog of Freezer Date labels, we welcome the opportunity to work with you on a custom label solution. Whether your solution is a custom printed label or a blank label, Stranco stands ready to meet you need. Contact us today for a custom label quote.

Day & Month Freezer Labels

Quality Control Freezer Labels

Year and Numbers Freezer Labels

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