Circuit Breaker Lockout

Make your facility safer with Circuit-Safe lockout hardware. Why? Because with Circuit-Safe, all the lockout hardware you need to lockout electrical circuits is located permanently at the electrical panel; making it fast and easy to lockout. And do it EVERYTIME.

Circuit-Safe is a permanent solution:

  • Supports lockout requirements of OSHA 1910.147 for control of hazardous energy
  • Supports lockout requirements of NFPA 70E to establish an electrically safe work condition
  • Supports requirements of NFPA 70 NEC 2014 for circuit breaker lockout hardware to be permanently mounted at the panel (Article 110.25)

Watch a video on how easy it is to use our Circuit-Safe hardware below.

Circuit Breaker Lockout
Standard kits range in price
from $20 to $90 per panel.

Circuit Breaker Lockout
See more images of Circuit Safe
installed on circuit breaker panels.

Circuit-Safe eliminates the "short-cuts" because it helps you make circuit breaker lockout faster, easier & more reliable, and fast, easy and reliable safety procedures are more dependably followed.

Save Time
Circuit-Safe hardware is already located on the panel:
All the lockout hardware is located permanently at each circuit breaker panel so your staff needs only carry a safety lock. No more “running around” trying to locate the appropriate lockout hardware. If you’re carrying your lock, you can lockout circuit breakers in a matter of seconds, because the Circuit-Safe hardware is a permanent electrical safety device.

Make it Easy
A single lockout process applies to every panel:
Because Circuit-Safe can be retrofitted to virtually any panel in your facility, there’s only ONE lockout “procedure” for all the panels in your facility. One “procedure” makes it easy to train and easy to remember. Plus, open any panel door and the Circuit-Safe hardware provides a constant visual reminder to lockout appropriate circuit breakers.

Really Works
Circuit-Safe components are rugged and secure:
Constructed of steel and permanently mounted to the deadfront panel, the Circuit-Safe lockout system does not fail with a tug or from the weight of multiple locks. Circuit-Safe keeps breakers locked out until the safety lock is removed.

Circuit Safe kit pricing
Convenient Kit Pricing
Circuit-Safe is sold in convenient kits specifically designed for each panel. A standard kit includes the yellow rail assembly, 2 x 1-way pins, 1 x 2-way pin, 1 x cup pin, pin holder, and self tapping screws. The kit is more affordable than you think, for example the price for a single standard kit for a 30 circuit panel is $68.06.

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Watch a Circuit-Safe Video

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