Hazard Warning Labels

Stranco Inc. designs and manufactures ANSI compliant Warning Labels to meet the needs of equipment manufacturers and industrial facilities.

  • Warn of safety hazards
  • Identify product safety information
  • Premium laminated polyester labels
  • Custom label layouts and text

Stranco’s Warning Labels are printed on premium outdoor grade polyester with a UV inhibiting clear polyester laminate. Warning Labels, also referred to as warning decals, safety labels, safety decals, and caution labels, should comply with the ANSI Z535.4, ISO 3864, or both, depending on where equipment will be sold.

For equipment intended for sale in the United States, the applicable American National Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels is ANSI Z535.4.

Click here for information on ANSI Z535.4-2007, American National Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels (PDF)

For equipment intended for sale in Europe, the current international standard is ISO 3864-2.  The current ANSI Z535.4-2007 incorporates graphic layouts that are compatible with the ISO standard.

The ANSI Standard for Warning Labels recommends the use of graphic pictograms in Warning Labels and the ISO Standard requires it.

Click here for a partial library of graphic pictograms for ANSI Warning Labels.

Getting Started on Your Warning Labels

If a warning label from our standard catalog of warning labels does not meet your needs, then our graphic and engineering departments at Stranco will work with you to create custom ANSI Z535 compliant safety labels appropriate for your situation. Stranco maintains countless label templates and an extensive library of pictograms to expedite the design of your custom ANSI Warning Labels.

Warning Label Examples

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