Hardware Specifciation & Quote

Stranco ships Circuit-Safe lockout hardware in kits that are specifically designed for each panel in your facility. A Circuit-Safe kit includes an appropriate hinged yellow center rail, a pin holder, and a selection of appropriate lockout pins.

Making sure we send you the right hardware requires a little information about the circuit-breaker panel. We call the process of getting this information the Panel Survey.

The following two links provide online forms you may use to submit information about your circuit breaker panels. With the information you supply, we’ll be able to specify and quote the proper Circuit – Safe lockout hardware.

Click here for the Standard Panel Survey Form.
If your panel looks similar to the panel in the image above.

For all other panels, Click here for the
Large Panel Survey Form.

On-Site Facility Survey Program

Stranco has developed an On-Site Survey Program that sends a Stranco Circuit-Safe team member to your facility to complete the Panel Survey for every circuit breaker panel in your facility. The fee for the on-site survey in your facility depends on the location and size of your facility. On your first qualifying Circuit-Safe order, some or all of the On-Site Survey fee is credited back to you.

Click here to Request a Quote for an On-Site Survey of Your Circuit Breaker Panels.

Questions? Contact a Circuit-Safe Product Specialist.

Call Stranco’s customer service for product & ordering information at (800) 348-3217. Click here to go to our Online Inquiry Form.

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