What industries benefit most from water soluble labels?

Water soluble labels are ideal for business that have rapidly changing labeling requirements. These labels save time because they can be quickly and effectively removed without leaving a trace of the label or the adhesive. They are also easy to write on and have adhesive to stick to most surfaces.

The primary features of water soluble labels is the ability to dissolve when submerged in water. These labels usually dissolve away completely in 30 to 60 seconds, though this time frame ranges depending on the temperature of the water and agitation that is applied to the label's surface.

For many fast paced businesses, the water soluble label solutions will not only reduce clean-up time, but also will reduce the risk of cross-contamination of substances. When labeling and re-labeling is as easy as a quick wash, appropriate labeling is fast and easy. Some of the industries that benefit the most from these labels are the manufacturing, laboratory, food service, and food and beverage industries.

Within the food and beverage industry in particular, water soluble labels are the perfect solution for labeling food and beverage containers that must be periodically and quickly washed and reused. Water soluble labels help track the time food or beverages are prepared and "use by" time and date. In this way, the food and beverages can be identified clearly and the label can be washed off the container quickly and completely when needed. The clean container is then ready to receive a fresh water soluble label.

At Stranco, we pride ourselves on our high degree of customer service for each of our valued customers. For companies looking for the highest-quality water soluble labels, we offer standard water soluble labels, and we are happy to work closely with each of our clients to create a customized dissolvable label solution that will best meet your specific industry's requirements. It does not matter whether you wish to have a blank or custom printed label, because our skilled team has the expertise to meet any labeling needs you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of labeling solutions. 

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