Why do utility companies need quality transformer decals?

Transformer Decals are used to notify the public about the dangers and presence of pad-mounted transformers. Certain specifications regarding their design and placement are required by national regulations in order to keep individuals and workers safe.

Red "danger" labels are required to be placed on the inner portion of the utility transformer, while orange "warning" labels must be present and visible on the outside.

According to the ANSI Z535.4 Standard, which is titled Product Safety Signs and Labels, its purpose is to designate the use, application, design and placement of any safety signs and labels to ensure worker and public safety.

"A product safety sign or label should alert persons to a specific hazard, the degree or level of hazard seriousness, the probable consequence of involvement with the hazard, and how the hazard can be avoided," ANSI Z535.4-1998 states.

At Stranco, each of our Transformer Decals adhere to current ANSI Z535 graphics standards. These products are made with UV-resistant inks so that they will not fade over time due to overexposure to the sun. They are also composed of vinyl or acrylic material to remain durable and functional in difficult environments.

We offer a range of already designed Transformer Decals to fit a variety of utility specifications, though we also offer custom solutions for clients looking to tailor their design to best meet their particular industry needs. To customize your own Transformer Decal, just send your logo, sketch, text or other ideas to our helpful customer service team, and we will draft a graphic proof for your approval. Contact us today to learn more!

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