How to properly use barricade tape for worker safety

Barricade Tape is a type of brightly colored tape, typically red and yellow, which is used to control access or warn individuals as to the the dangers of certain hazardous areas, such as open trenches, wet paint, wet floors and more.

To promote worker safety, regulators such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the American National Standards Institute and other government agencies, crafted rules and regulations to guide employers on how to best protect their workers.

ANSI Z535.5 specifically addresses safety tags and barricades for industries such as construction or manufacturing that have lockout/tagout procedures set into place and require a means to identify an area with a temporary hazard. For OSHA, barricade guidelines are found in regulations 1910.22 and 1920.144.

Some of these common colors include: red, which indicates danger, yellow, which means caution and orange, which can be used as a warning. Standard Barricade Tape options include yellow tape with the phrase "caution, caution, caution," yellow tape with the term "caution high voltage," and red with the sentence, "danger do not enter."

At Stranco, we offer premium Barricade Tape to ensure worker safety and OSHA compliance on all your job sites. Each of our high-quality products are made from rugged polyethylene tape, which is one of the most common forms of plastic and better for the environmental than PVC. This material will not only provide complete flexibility, but is durable enough to be stapled, nailed, taped or tied to a variety of structures, such as walls, fences, posts and barricades.

Contact our excellent customer service team to purchase the right solution for all your Barricade Tape needs. Even if you don't quite see what you need, we can work with you to create a customized solution to best meet your industry's needs.

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