Do durable barcodes simplify supply chain management processes?

If your company is expanding operations or implementing measures to better compete in your industry, your supply chain, which is the expanse of organizations, people and processes that must occur in order to produce a quality product, may be becoming more difficult than ever to maintain effectively.

While you should first reduce the number of processes your finished product must go through, your company should also invest in new labeling technologies to begin improving operational productivity, without slowing down the entire supply chain. Barcode solutions are the dependable choice for manufacturers seeking methods to reduce confusion or errors related to orders, production and shipping. Clients will receive their products quickly, while the process will go much more smoothly for your employees.

Deciding on the correct type of barcode for your labeling application can be challenging. If your product will be exposed to a harsh environment, unstable temperatures, moisture or abrasive chemicals, you expect the barcode label to remain intact throughout the entire production process. How durable your label will be is based on the materials chosen and the method in which the label is applied.

"Deciding on the correct type of barcode for your labeling application can be challenging."

Thermal transfer labels are high-performance labels that meet a variety of industry application needs. Depending on the material used, such as paper and polyimide, manufacturers will witness varying degrees of ruggedness of design. On one hand, polyimide labels will withstand high temperatures and are the label of choice for the high-risk environment of the printed circuit board manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, paper labels work perfectly for standard product labels, yet are not intended to be placed in difficult settings such as in the automotive parts industry.

No matter what label material or process is used, most companies across various industries would agree that barcode labels are a major component for simplifying supply chain management processes at many levels.

"The process of streamlining your supply chain may take a bit of innovation and energy but once you cut down inefficiencies and created a faster, more informed system, the rewards are worthwhile," Bar Code Direct explains. "You will enjoy decreasing costs, improved customer satisfaction, and less errors throughout all your business processes."

Whether you require pre-printed or blank barcode labels, at Stranco, we have the expertise, materials and excellent customer service to meet the needs of even the most difficult labeling requests. Some of our best selling thermal transfer barcode label materials include polyester and polyimide due to their durable nature, yet we offer plenty of other material options to best meet a variety of labeling considerations your company may have.

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