The advantages of durable barcodes, Part 2: Tracking and analyzing

The need for reliable labeling solutions in today's competitive manufacturing marketplace is essential for organizational growth. Without an effective means of tracking and inventory management achieved through barcode labels, you may not be maximizing company profits as you compete with other more proactive companies.

"Mass production, processing, packaging and shipping as well as increased inventory demands have led to the need for streamlined data tracking," CTM Labeling Systems, a labeling system provider, wrote on its website. "Labeling has become not only a way to identify packaged products, but the format used for inventorying each item, tracking each package, and fulfilling shipping requirements."

When manufacturers and suppliers apply barcode labels on their component parts, raw materials or other products, this allows for users to collect real-time data immediately and accurately, so that employees know exactly what the current inventory count is for their warehouse. This data is then used in a variety of company departments to track, analyze and evaluate business operations.

"Companies benefit from the tracking and analyzing abilities of durable barcodes."

Companies that know exactly how much stock they have are able to provide their customers with timely product data and do not make mistakes that could lead to an overabundance or lack of vital inventory. No matter what size, all companies can benefit from the efficiency and cost-savings offered through the tracking and analyzing abilities of durable barcodes. Workers on the floor can receive all the information they need with simple barcode scanners to minimize the costs associated with rush orders due to inventory mistakes and ultimately become more productive.

"It is often easy to do a simple cost-benefit analysis and demonstrate how quickly an automated inventory system using barcodes will save hard dollars, minimize working capital requirements and increase responsiveness to the customer's needs," Jason Sentell wrote for Wasp Barcode. "It makes solid financial sense for any small [other medium-sized] business owner to explore the potential of automated inventory systems using barcodes."

At Stranco, we offer an extensive inventory of thermal transfer label materials for companies looking for the best labeling solution for their product tracking and analyzing needs. For companies seeking a completely customized labeling solution, our excellent customer service team is happy to work alongside you to design the appropriate size, shape and labeling material for your barcode and thermal transfer label applications. Contact us today to learn more about how our custom label solutions can give your company the edge it needs to boost its profit margins.

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