The advantages of durable barcodes, Part 1: Efficiency

If your company is expanding operations or implementing measures to improve your competitive position in your industry, your likely looking for every opportunity to be more efficient. Improved efficiency means more of your hard fought revenue can fall to the bottom line.  While reducing the number and cost of operational processes is an obvious opportunity to improve efficiency, there are others to evaluate. More efficient tracking of the items in your supply chain as well as your work-in-process and completed products, is an opportunity for improved efficiency.

And to track and manage the items in-process and in stock you need information.  Investing in barcode solutions is a dependable choice for manufacturers seeking ways to increase available information, quickly and without error.

"Increasing efficiency adds to an organization's bottom line."

Traditional inventory and tracking methods that require workers to enter or record alphanumeric information is time-consuming and inefficient. With barcodes, employees can easily scan labels, collecting data quickly and without error. This allows companies to refocus their time and invest resources in other areas of their daily operations.

"Handheld barcode scanners eliminate human typing errors and can enable employees to input massive amounts of data in shorter periods of time," Supply Chain Services blog explained. "Instead of keying in a product serial number that is 20 or more digits long, a receiving clerk can simply scan the barcode in a second and then move on. Even over the course of one business day the amount of time saved by scanning rather than typing will radically change how many people are needed for a data entry task."

In challenging production environments, durable thermal transfer label barcode solutions are required, as they remain intact, even after exposure to moisture, harsh chemicals and high temperatures. Whether you require pre-printed or blank barcode labels, we have the expertise, materials and customer service to meet the needs of even the most difficult labeling requests. Our best selling thermal transfer barcode label materials include polyester and polyimide due to their durable nature, yet we offer other material options to best meet a variety of labeling considerations your company may have.

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