Top 8 reasons why manufacturers should use barcode labels

The manufacturing industry encompasses a wide range of business sectors. From food to chemical to electrical facilities, the industry relies on new technology and processes to keep operations running smoothly. One of the most advantageous choices any manufacturing company can make today is to implement or upgrade their existing barcode labels and technology.

Here are 8 reasons why all manufacturers can benefit from advanced barcode label solutions:

1. Barcodes eliminate the risk of human error
How many times have your employees made typos or incorrectly entered key data in your system? Human error is a significant cause for concern for manufacturers that want to push ahead of their competition by drawing in new customers. Barcode scanning reduces or virtually eliminates the risk for human error when compared to entering product information by hand.

Instead of writing down long SKU numbers, employees can scan product barcode labels and move on to the next item on their list. This accurate information is sent straight to the ERP or other internal software solution, leaving no room for error during the production process. After all, even the most skills employees make mistakes ever now and then, so why shouldn't you make their jobs even easier and reduce this risk?

"Manufacturers are always trying to improve supply chain processes."

2. Barcodes improve supply chain processes
Manufacturers are always trying to improve their supply chain processes to cut overhead costs, expand their client base and improve customer relationships. For example, employees can now scan products quickly throughout the manufacturing process with barcodes and scanners, which once took dozens of man hours to complete by hand. Then, the data accuracy and inventory management features of the barcode labels keep the supply chain moving, which in turn, keeps customers satisfied.

3. Barcodes are scalable for growing operations
If you operate a smaller-scale manufacturing facility, you may not have needed to use advanced barcode labels in the past. Yet, as your operations grow and you hope to expand certain company processes, you need to consider investing in scalable solutions. For example, your employees may be able to easily keep track of products by hand if your manufacturing facility only serves a handful of clients. However, once you begin branching out farther into your community or state-wide marketplace, you should consider leveraging barcode technology.

4. Barcodes make your workplace mobile
Workplaces across the world are becoming increasingly mobile, so why should your manufacturing facility be any different? Equip your workers with mobile barcode scanners on the floor, so that they can scan products easily and quickly. This keeps them moving and improves their overall productivity levels.

5. Barcodes improve traceability 
With high-performance barcode labels, your facility will likely not have to worry about products becoming lost again. Far too often, products go missing during the supply chain process because of traceability issues. Improved product visibility will reduce costly overhead or associated funds with inventory management problems. The main benefits of inventory management include confirmed deliveries, easier to combat counterfeiting issues, reduced shrinkage and loss and the ability to facilitate recalls.

6. Barcodes can improve your market standing
If you want to rise above your competition, you need to invest in dependable technology solutions. Barcode labels are still one of the best options for manufactures hoping to improve their time management, revenue and operational capabilities. In a crowded marketplace, you need to take concrete steps to improve existing processes and show potential customers why they should choose your products and services over your competitors. High-quality barcode labels should be the first step in this journey.

"Invest in dependable technology solutions."

7. Barcodes improve employee efficiency 
As mentioned previously, your employees can become more productive if they are able to leverage the power of mobile barcode scanner technology. If your workers are more efficient, your customers will be happier, which will make your company's upper management more satisfied with the higher profit margins, as a result. 

8. Barcodes are simple and inexpensive to design and purchase
With advances in technology, barcode labeling is easier than ever. Manufactures can work with labeling providers to design their simple, inexpensive labels all at the click of a button or over the phone.  However, with thousands of barcode labels on the market, it may be difficult to decide what solution is right for your company.

Consider to high-quality thermal transfer labels that meet a wide variety of labeling applications. Partner with a labeling provider that offers an extensive inventory of thermal transfer label dies, labeling materials and purchasing options. Look for a labeling provider that offers fast shipping, no minimum quantity for orders, personal customer service and unmatched product quality.

At Stranco, we offer high-performance thermal transfer labels for manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. We understand that you need to access data quickly and reliably throughout the manufacturing and supply chain processes, which is why we are confident our label materials will not fail when faced with high temperatures or excessive moisture.

Speak with one of our representatives to learn more about our affordable pricing, quick shipping and low order minimums. Whether you are a large-scale manufacturer or a small startup organization, you need to invest in labels you can rely on throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more.

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