Maximize your company’s profits with custom label solutions

The need for reliable labeling solutions in today's competitive manufacturing marketplace is essential for organizational growth. Without an effective means of tracking and inventory management achieved through easily identified and durable barcode labels, company profits can take a significant hit when competing with other more proactive companies.

"Mass production, processing, packaging and shipping as well as increased inventory demands have led to the need for streamlined data tracking," CTM Labeling Systems, a labeling system provider, wrote on its website. "Labeling has become not only a way to identify packaged products, but the format used for inventorying each item, tracking each package, and fulfilling shipping requirements."

Customized labeling solutions provide an extra layer of product security and brand recognition for consumers for organizations aiming to get ahead of their competitors. There are many elements that go into creating the perfect customized label solution. Some of these areas include color, product name, font, readability, materials, design and quality.

"Labels will remain in tact after exposure to varying levels of moisture."

With a customized solution, manufacturers should take the time to pick out the right materials based on their desire for rugged design, such as polyester or polyimide thermal transfer labels. This way, the labels will remain intact after exposure to varying levels of moisture, harsh chemicals or debris.

Aesthetically pleasing labeling solutions are also ideal for manufacturers looking to provide their customers with eye-catching designs or clean branding on their products. Sloppy or lower-quality labeling solutions will show significant wear and tear over time and could even cause a major loss of profit. For example, if a manufacturer in the circuit board manufacturing industry chooses a less durable label made from a poor material, the label will not withstand the harsh production environment. This can lead to poor inventory tracking and increased costs.

"Packaging plays a crucial role is sales and labels are an important part of packaging," MJS Packaging, a bottling, packaging and labeling service provider, explained. "The more sales you have, the greater the profit the company makes. So, custom labels actually are a key element that affects the bottom line of companies."

At Stranco, we offer an extensive inventory of thermal transfer label tooling and dies for companies looking for the best labeling application for their industry needs. For companies seeking a completely customized labeling solution, our excellent customer service team is happy to work alongside of your to design the perfect size, shape and labeling material for a variety of barcode and thermal transfer label applications. Contact us today to learn more about how our custom label solutions can give your company the the edge it needs to boost its profit margins.

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