Streamline shipping before the holiday season

As a manufacturer, you are constantly seeking out new ways to cut excess costs and vastly improve productivity levels. This is especially true as you head into the holiday season, where you may see an increase in orders and various shipping demands. Whether you are a small business moving products locally or a large corporation distributing around the country, there are a few ways you can streamline your shipping process before the holiday rush sets in:

Communication is key
Your team needs to come together to communicate through the production and shipping process. One of the best ways to ensure no orders are lost or unfulfilled is to encourage your team to collaborate and work together. You can further support this approach by equipping them with better inventory management software and other tools to keep things running smoothly/

"Consider upgrading to thermal transfer labels."

Better inventory layout
If you have a cluttered warehouse, your shipping efforts will likely suffer as a result. Consider reorganizing your warehouse layout to promote maximum efficiency. A huge time waste occurs when workers are too distracted hunting down materials and products that should be easily located. Therefore, you should streamline your warehouse's layout to match your  operations. For instance, if certain orders must be shipped together, they should be grouped in the same general area. 

The basic idea with redesigning your warehouse's inventory layout is to cut down on the time it takes to track down orders. Once the busy season sets in, the last thing you want is workers running around your warehouse, frantically searching for  shipment orders. This is both a liability and could lead to lost or dissatisfied customers.

Upgrade your labels
If you're not using high-quality barcode labels for your products, you may put yourself at a disadvantage later on. No matter the harshness of your production process or extensiveness of your shipping efforts, you don't want to worry about your labels become illegible or falling off. Instead, consider upgrading to thermal transfer labels so that you never think twice about whether or not your workers can easily scan your products.

At Stranco, we offer high-performance thermal transfer labels for manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. We understand that you need to access data quickly and reliably throughout the manufacturing and supply chain processes, which is why we are confident our label materials will not fail when faced with high temperatures or excessive moisture.

Speak with one of our representatives to learn more about our affordable pricing, quick shipping and low order minimums. Whether you are a large-scale manufacturer or a small startup organization, you need to invest in labels you can rely on. Contact us today.

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