Top 3 facts small businesses should know about barcodes

Small business owners need complete visibility during their manufacturing or distribution processes to ensure that they produce and sell the highest-quality products and swiftly deliver them to their customers. Unfortunately, many of these entrepreneurs forget to consider barcode labels as an effective method for reducing overhead costs and inefficiencies. To fix this problem, here are three facts small businesses should know about barcode labels.

1. Barcodes are affordable

Barcodes are relatively inexpensive to design and order. A common myth is that smaller companies cannot afford the high price of customized barcode label solutions. While this cost varies depending on the material used and environment in which the product will be used, most of the time, label manufacturers offer ideal prices for even the smallest business owner.

2. Barcodes are a reliable source of data

Barcodes are far more accurate than other traditional methods for obtaining inventory or price information. Customized labels can hold any essential information small business owners need to know regarding their products. These labels also reduce the amount of errors caused by poor data gathering methods.

"Barcodes are relatively inexpensive to design and order."

3. Barcodes are versatile

Small business owners may also not know that barcode labels are incredibly versatile. Depending on the application and label's design stipulations, companies can apply thermal transfer barcode labels to any available product surface areas and be confident that they will not fade or become ineffective.

"Time and energy are two of the most valuable resources when it comes to operating a business," Sean Bryant at One Smart Dollar, a financial and economic online resource, explained. "Business owners do not have time to stand around and correct employee ledger mistakes. Frankly, no one has time to do detailed inventory analysis by way of the old-fashioned method. Instead, make customers happy and use a more efficient solution: barcoding systems."

At Stranco, we offer high-performance barcode labels in a variety of materials and styles. We understand that our customers have unique industry needs, which is why we stock a wide range of label materials and have hundreds of label size options to ensure we create the best label fit for each application. Year after year, our customers are impressed with our fast shipping, affordable prices and personalize customer service team. Contact us today to see how we can help you design the best label to fit your small business's labeling requirements.

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