Why use a label with low electrostatic discharge?

When two, highly-charged objects come into contact, the resulting sudden release of static electricity is called the electrostatic discharge (ESD). Though most would not think this harmless shock — think of the brief static shock when touching a metal surface after walking across thick carpet — would be of concern for the electronics industry, a high-voltage ESD is potentially catastrophic to sensitive electronic components , according to Industrial Equipment News (IEN). 

Today across the electronics industry, ESD continues to be one of the most costly sources of damage, as it causes an increase in warrant calls, replacing broken inventory, loss in productivity, inability to meet production yields and more. It can also affect a company's reputation and overall profitability in the marketplace. The Electrostatic Discharge Association estimates that this problem could cost the industry billions of dollars due to shipping, labor, overhead and other costs.

When applied to sensitive electronics, standard labels can create a harmful electrostatic charge when it is applied or removed, which can lead to damaging effects on the device itself. Meanwhile, static dissipative labels, such as Stranco's low ESD polyimide and polyester thermal transfer labels, are designed to lower the chances for a damaging ESD incident. Low ESD labels do not hold as much charge as standard labels, which ultimately means they possess a safer voltage level to be placed on sensitive electronics.

"With the costly impact of damage caused by ESD, it is essential for electronics manufacturers to partner with a label supplier that is accurately testing and certifying its labels to align with the proper ESD standards," IEN reports. "Failing to select an appropriate and safe labeling solution for each application will lead to accrued costs from increased downtime and product failures, and lack of confidence from your customers."

In support of the needs of the electronics industry, Stranco produces low ESD, high-performance polyimide and polyester thermal transfer labels that are much safer for sensitive electronics. At Stranco, we are dedicated to standing apart from our competitors by offering excellent customer service, low prices and no minimum order sizes. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of durable thermal transfer labels and one of our experts will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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