The importance of Product Safety Labels

Product Safety Labels, also known as Hazard Warning Labels and Equipment Warning Labels, warn the user about potential hazards of machines, equipment and tools.  Manufacturers of machines, equipment and tools add Product Safety Labels to their products to help protect the user from harm.

Depending on the nature of the hazard, Product Safety Labels generally incorporate a Danger header, Warning header or Caution header. They also include information about the type of hazard, how to avoid the hazard and the consequences of not avoiding the hazard.

  • Type of hazard:  The Product Safety Label almost always identifies the specific hazard to help a user understand that a hazard exists. Some examples include, "hazardous voltage," "hot surface" or "machine parts can cut."
  • How to avoid the hazard:  Many Product Safety Labels include important instructions on how to avoid the hazard.  For example, some say "keep hands away from moving parts" or "disconnect and lockout all power before servicing." These instructions inform the user on what action to take, or not take, to prevent injury.
  • The consequences:  Sometimes Product Safety Labels include information about the consequences of not avoiding the hazard.  This information is often included to emphasize the importance of avoiding the hazard.  For example, "failure to lockout equipment prior to servicing may result in shock, burns or death."

All Product Safety Labels labels should also be in full compliance with ANSI Z535.4 and/or ISO 3864 standards. The ANSI Z535.4 standard outlines the design standards for the layout and content of Product Safety Labels for labeling product in the USA.  The ISO standard provides a worldwide design standard for the layout and content of Product Safety Labels.

At Stranco, we produce high-quality ANSI compliant Product Safety Labels that are produced with outdoor-grade polyester. They are completed with a UV inhibiting clear polyester laminate for a greater degree of protection against the elements, abrasion and solvents. 

No matter what your specific labeling needs are, our extensive inventory of ANSI compliant Product Safety Labels and our capabilities to produce appropriate customized label solutions will support any size labeling project. Our excellent customer service also helps us stand apart, as we are committed to providing only the highest level of service for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our services and product selection.

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