Which products benefit most from thermal transfer polyester labels?

Thermal transfer labels are the ideal choice for manufacturers of high-performance products in need of a quality marking solution that requires variable information such as barcodes, serial numbers, lot numbers or other tracking information. High Performance thermal transfer labels include polyimide, Kapton and polyester labels

Polyester labels can be used to track and identify a vast array of products such as medical devices, electronics, automotive parts, OEM products and much more. No matter what the environment, these labels are incredibly durable as they can withstand extreme temperatures ranging over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Resistant to abrasion, moisture, harsh weather and certain chemicals, there are many products that can benefit from the longevity offered through these particular thermal transfer labels

As medical device labeling must adhere to a strict and thorough manufacturing process, polyester labels are a label of choice. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new rule that mandates that the majority of medical devices within the country must carry a unique device identifier (UDI). This effort was made to combat the issues of inconsistent and conflicting labeling, which lead to confusion among patients, health care providers and caregivers who utilized certain devices.       

Within the automotive industry, the desire for labels that can endure high temperatures and harsh environments is vital to both the integrity of the car parts and safety of the consumer. However, discovering the right automotive labeling solution that can withstanding heat under the hood of a car, along with corrosive chemicals can be challenging. This is why many turn to the durability of polyester thermal transfer labels.

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