Self Laminating Books

Self Laminating Books Self-laminating cable markers combine the benefits of on-the-spot identification and self-lamination to create versatile, snug-fitting cable markers that resists dirt, oil, solvents and water.  Each vinyl marker consists of a blank write-on area for marking with a pen or marker and a clear area that is used to wrap-around and overlap the […]

Wire Marker Cards

Wire Marker Cards Stranco’s wire marker cards provide a convenient way to inventory, carry, and use wire markers.  Choose from a superior selection of stock wire marker card legends or contact us about having custom wire marker cards prepared for your special needs.  Wire marker cards are available in vinyl coated cloth, laminated polyester, and […]

Wire Marker Books

Wire Marker Books Stranco’s pre-printed wire marker book is compact, easy to carry, and easy to use.  Each wire marker book includes 10 pages of wire markers constructed of highest quality vinyl-coated cloth, backed with high-tack rubber adhesive. Each wire marker includes a matching terminal marker. Pre-printed vinyl coated cloth wire markers High-tack rubber adhesive […]

Voltage Markers

Voltage Markers Use Stranco’s black on orange self-adhesive voltage markers to identify voltages on conduit, power and distribution panels, electrical components, and control panels.  Constructed of vinyl with permanent acrylic adhesive, these voltage markers resist abrasion, dirt, oil, grease, moisture, and most chemicals and solvents.  Voltage markers, sometimes called conduit markers, are card mounted and […]

Reflective Voltage Markers

Reflective Voltage Markers Reflective voltage markers are bright reflective yellow markers with a black printed legend. They are well suited for identification of any electrical power sources and easily helps identify voltages day or night and in low visibility conditions. Each marker is constructed of Engineer Grade reflective film with permanent adhesive and measures 1½” […]

Clip-On Wire Markers

Clip-On Wire Markers Plastic clip-on wire markers from Stranco Inc. are an easy and convenient way to mark wires and cables without disconnecting them from terminals. Clip-on markers are also known as snap-on markers or plastic wire markers. Stranco’s high performance clip-on plastic wire markers apply quickly with color coded applicator wands. Simply place the […]