What to look for in a label supplier

Deciding on a label supplier may seem like a straightforward task, yet there are many issues for manufacturers to consider before deciding on the right vendor and labeling solution. Companies that fail to partner with the best label supplier may sacrifice productivity, product reliability and brand image in a competitive marketplace.

The main criteria to consider when choosing a label supplier include label cost, label materials, label graphic design, label image quality, reliability of delivery, customer service and industry expertise. Because the labeling solution must exceed the label application challenges, it is vitally important for manufacturers to choose labeling suppliers that have the skills, resources and experience to provide you with the most appropriate labeling solutions.

"Your labeling application must remain durable, readable and appealing to remain effective."

"Look for a label manufacturer who is well established, and can quickly resolve any issues that may arise which you may not have anticipated. There are many variables that can affect your labels, and a good experienced label manufacturer can supply you with the product label that will perfectly suit your needs," Wayne Trademark, a supplier of industrial label printers, explained on its website.

At Stranco, we are dedicated to providing each of our valued customers with high-quality products, efficiently and at an affordable price. To attain this goal, we offer personalized customer service, along with factory-direct pricing and fast manufacturing. To support your labeling needs, we offer a variety of materials and production processes to enable us to best meet your labeling applications.

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