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When the circuit breaker is the best isolating device for electrical lockout, Circuit-Safe provides the fastest, easiest and most reliable circuit breaker lockout system available.

How It Works:

The Circuit-Safe lockout system for circuit panels provides a permanent and convenient lockout solution for locking out circuit breakers.The Circuit-Safe rail assembly is designed with pre-spaced slots that correspond to the spacing of the breaker handles. Slotted lockout pins are inserted into the slots in the rail assembly. When the hinged cover is closed and locked, the lockout pins are locked in place. The lockout pins prevent the breaker handle from being switched to the on position. As a result, circuits are locked out and can't be reactivated until the safety lock is removed and the lockout pins are removed.

Rugged Construction:

The heart of the Circuit-Safe lockout system is the hinged rail system. Stranco manufactures the rail system from cold rolled steel to ensure that once it's installed on the panel with self-tapping screws, it's not going anywhere. As a result, you can load Circuit-Safe up with safety locks and tug on them all you want; the lockout system remains steadfast and secure.

The 1-Way and 2-Way lockout pins are machined from aluminum while the Spade Pin, Hook Pin, and Cup Pin are fabricated with steel reinforced injection molded nylon; ensuring they won't fail.

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